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Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Find ways to put your workout routine on autopilot or hold yourself accountable.

If you find it hard to stay motivated by yourself, find a workout buddy and lock in a regular

catch up/workout.

You might be ok letting yourself down by not going to a workout but you’ll be less likely to be

ok letting someone else down by skipping on them.

If you don’t have any energy to train after work, get up and do your workout first thing you

do in the morning or, if your lunch break permits, take your clothes to work and go at lunch time.

Although it can be hard to roll out of bed when it’s cold and miserable, you’ll always feel

amazing after a great work out and find you’ll have more energy throughout the work day.

Schedule your training time in your diary as a non-negotiable and watch your outlook on life

change for the better.

In my opinion (and yes, I may be biased but others will tell you the same), there's literally no

better way to start the week than with a Monday morning run or session at the gym.

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