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Personal Training Plans for Adelaide

Find a package that suits you and contact us today to book a consultation with one of our team members to get you started. 

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    • KF Online Training Programs
    • One on One Coaching
    • Gym & Home Workouts
    • Nutrition Plan
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    • Monthly InBody Scan
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    Every week
    PT & Online Training
    • KF Online Training Programs
    • One on One Coaching
    • Gym & Home Workouts
    • Nutrition Plan
    • PT Session Weekly
    • Monthly InBody Scan
    • Body Measurements
    • Progress Photos
    • KF Facebook Community Group

    Your Diet Guide To Optimise Your Results!

    Kayle Fitness – Online Fitness Classes

    Looking for fitness classes near me? Want to begin your path to improved fitness and health?

    The pandemic taught many of us the importance of looking our health. A lot of people who are looking to begin their fitness journey are unsure of where to start. However, with Kayle Fitness, you can embark on your fitness journey from the comfort of your home with the help of our tailored fitness classes and the best body weight loss programme in the industry.

    Everyone is on a journey to improve themselves, just like you. Our team culture at Kayle Fitness is characterised by constant advancement, innovation, and self-improvement. Every action we complete is motivated by the desire to improve our systems, techniques, and client outcomes.

    We invest in our own research and development for our both in person and online fitness courses and classes in Adelaide to provide the greatest results for our customers.


    What’s the difference between weight loss and fat loss?

    Weight loss and fat loss are distinguished in important ways. Whilst scale weight is a significant indicator of success, it only measures how much weight is lost, whether this was achieved by targeted diet plans for weight loss or excessive exercise.

    Weight loss includes the loss of muscular tissue, water, glycogen, and more fat, but fat loss only refers to the loss of fat (while retaining all-important lean muscle tissue.)

    We face the danger of losing muscle when trying to lose weight, if we don't ensure to resistance train (which tells the body to keep muscular tissue) and eat enough protein.

    Why then do we want to concentrate solely on fat loss while maintaining muscle mass?

    The answer is in what is known as 'lean body mass,' which is everything in your body that is not fat (muscle, organs, connective tissues, bones, etc).

    We want to maintain as much lean body mass as we can, particularly when dieting, for a number of reasons that are crucial:

    • There are less metabolic changes induced by dieting, such as a decrease in the number of calories expended during rest.

    • There is an increased sensitivity to insulin (which can positively impact disease states such as type II diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, etc).

    • You can experience lower levels of systemic inflammation. Systemic inflammation has a significant impact on a variety of disease states and commodities, as we are rapidly discovering.

    • You improve your physical appearance, looking more ‘toned’ rather than ‘skinny fat’

    • Strength and proprior ception are improved, which lowers the chance of developing diseases like sarcopenia and osteoporosis later in life.

    • How much does personal training cost in Australia?
      You can opt for different customised plans according to your needs. Visit our website to know more.
    • Are you providing online fitness training?
      Yes, we provide online fitness training classes.
    • Why we choose Kayle Fitness?
      Kayle fitness provides different services such as online classes, personal training, in-body scans, bootcamp sessions, sessions with a bodybuilding coach in Brisbane and much more that you do not want to miss out on!


    Do you have any questions concerning our online fitness courses? Email us at to get in touch with us now. If you’re searching for the best weight loss program in your area or fitness classes in Mitcham near me, trust our professionals at Kayle Fitness, we are are not judgmental and are extremely supportive of everyone’s abilities, journey and goals.






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