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Updated: Jan 11, 2023

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Almost everybody wants to lose body fat. Why? Mostly so they can look awesome with their

shirt off at the beach or in a bikini, right?

What's your reason for wanting to lose fat? And what's stopping you from achieving your

desired level of fat loss?

The fact is, it’s not easy. You DO have to put in the work, make sacrifices, overcome adversity,

step outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself physically and mentally, if you want to

lose body fat.

You will constantly be challenged and presented with opportunities to take shortcuts when

no one is looking. You have to ask yourself: how bad do you want it? You have to want it as

bad as you want to breathe.

Sound tough? It is! But the good news is that just about anyone can achieve their goals if

they're ready to commit to what is required.

That’s why you need a strong reason as to why you’re taking action. You need this to get you

through the barriers and hurdles you’ll encounter along the way to your goal. The reason

you've decided to do this has to be genuinely deep, otherwise it’s far too easy to walk away

from and give up. So make sure you're honest with yourself and hold yourself to account

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